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I’m not one to exaggerate, so trust me when I say this: Joining South Hill Designs can completely change the way you earn money and live your life. It certainly has for me. Which is why I want to pass on the opportunity to everyone with the dream to succeed.

I know what it’s like to work all day, away from your family, spending all of your energy on things that matter very little in the grand scheme of life. I wanted something more flexible, more fun. Something that would let me spend more time with my husband and children, and provide me with plenty of enjoyment while I worked. It seemed like a lot to ask, but then I found South Hill Designs. Not only does it give me joy and plenty of free time, it gives me great chances for earning an income. Because SHD pays up to 40% commissions on sales, I’m able to help support my family while sharing products that I adore. And you can too!

Join my team to become part of the SHD family. I’ll guide you through the process, giving you all of the advice and insider tips you need to get your own locket business up and running. Since you’ll be one of my team members, you will always be able to count on me to support you. You’ll also be able to rely upon the SHD community of other Independent Artists who place value on friendship and helping each other excel.

Steps to Success - Team Opportunity

Step One

south hill designs starter kit

The first step is choosing your starter kit. Depending on your country, we currently offer two or three different kits. Choose carefully the kit that best suits your goals and your budget. This is just one of the many ways that South Hill Designs makes it easy for Independent Artists to control and cultivate their personal business!

Step Two

south hill designs starter kit

The second step is having fun! It is time to party! Book three socials within your first thirty days and get promoted to Independent Artist. Release your creativity and start making up to 40% commissions. Socials can also be hosted by any of your friends, and they get free gifts and great discounts. Remember, social events are the way to your success!

Step Three

south hill designs starter kit

The third step is to share your passion and success with your family or friends. Personally enroll two new Artists, help them complete step 2 and you will promote to Team Builder. Once you have your own team, you will receive commissions and promotions and the whole team's sales. You can make some extra dollars per month or own your business!